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Beratung von Patienten
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“It would take a lifetime to describe the professional achievements of Prof. Hetzer, to enumerate all the honors he received, to describe the careers of his numerous students the way he enriched the life of  surgical fellows  visiting from all over the world. His life achievement to his Vaterland includes not only the thousand lives he saved, but the many reforms and innovations he instituted in surgery and in general health care.”

Francis Robicsek (USA)

“Prof. Hetzer is one of the few active dinosaurs of the specialty in Europe; his reputation and innovative works have been recognized all over the world for more than four decades. He is, today, without any doubt, a  reference for all cardiovascular professionals, and without his kind of leadership, his Institution will never be the same without that power he uniquely possesses. All cardiovascular surgeons must celebrate to have met a man like him, able to be a real conductor of a great and exceptional orchestra…”

Jose Luis Pomar (Spain)

“I think of Prof. Hetzer as a meticulous master surgeon, who always see a potential innovation that will better  the lives of patients. His experimental and clinical contributions to heart valve surgery is everlasting… He has always approached a clinical problem with scientific introspection that eventuated in a novel devic,.operation or technique. Having performed over 40,000 operations, his patient care heritage can be matched only by a few. His legacy of healing and his surgical trainees, are his best and most lasting legacy.”

W. Randolf Chitwood (USA)

“A great pioneer – Prof. Hetzer has enormously contributed to the development and progress in many areas of our discipline. He will forever remain in the history of cardiac surgery for many things – his creative work in the field of mechanical assist devices for terminal heart failure, for his great leadership, for his humanity in hosting people from all continents and offering education and training. without him, cardiac surgery in Berlin, even in Germany, or in Europe, will not exist in the world’s surgical map.”

Prof. Dr. Ottavio Alfieri (Italy)

“ I expressed my great admiration and respect for Roland’s surgical and scientific accomplishments,  for creating a heart center in Berlin rising among the top in the world, where his pupils will continue his legacy with success….”

Francis Fontan (France)